CA Audit Video Lectures

CA Audit Video Lectures

Chartered Accountant (CA) is a universal accounting assignment allowed to accounting experts in numerous nations around the world through CA Audit Video Lectures, besides the United States. In the United States, the proportional to the CA assignment is ensured open accounting (CPA).

Through all our CA will give guidance, review accounts and give reliable data about money related records through their CA Audit Video Lectures. This role of CAs may include various budgetary announcing, tax collection, inspecting, meaning accounting, corporate fund, business recuperation, and indebtedness or accounting frameworks and procedures.

It will help you to guide for, Audit is the examination or assessment of different books of records by a reviewer pursued by physical checking of stock to ensure that all offices are following the reported arrangement of chronicle exchanges. It is done to learn the precision of monetary explanations given by the association.

It will explain to you an audit should be possible inside by representatives or leaders of a specific division and remotely by an outside firm or a free inspector. The main aim is to check and confirm the records by a free specialist to guarantee that all books of records are done in a reasonable way and there is no deception or extortion that is being directed all these details will be given to you in a very simple way through our Coppergate Educare Experts

In India, Chartered Accountant from ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India) can do free reviews of any association. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) conducts reviews in the USA.

Main Steps in Auditing Process that the experts will cover to make you clear with your doubts:Coppergate CA Audit Video Lectures

  1. The Auditor’s job and the terms of commitment which is more often than not as a letter which is appropriately marked by the customer.
  2. To design the Auditor which would incorporate points of interest of due dates and the divisions the examiner would cover. Is it a solitary division or entire association which the examiner. The review could most recent days or even seven days relying on the idea of the audit.
  3. Compiling the information from the audit
  4. Reporting the result.


Having now articulated management’s responsibility for internal controls and how internal audit might play a role in assisting management to fulfill that responsibility. Coppergate Educare is the team of the professionals to guide you properly to work at the corporate level or the private firms through CA Audit Video Lectures. Let’s look at some specific benefits that an Internal Audit function can provide to an organization and its management:

  1. The scope of the internal audit is defined by management or the Board (not an outside agency or adversarial entity)
  2. Internal Audit “reports” directly to management or the Board (not an outside agency or adversarial entity)
  3. Improves the “control environment” of the organization
  4. Makes the organization process-dependent instead of person-dependent
  5. Identifies redundancies in operational and control procedures and provides recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures
  6. Serves as an Early Warning System, enabling deficiencies to be identified and remediated on a timely basis (i.e. prior to external, regulatory or compliance audits)
  7. Ultimately increases accountability within the organization.

So with a properly staffed internal audit function, management would have, at its fingertips: an advocate, a risk manager, a controls expert, an efficiency specialist, a problem-solving partner, and a safety net this entire topic will get cover.

Mostly the questions in Audit paper comes from the Practice Manual. Institute’s Practice Manual covers each and every topic.

For scoring good marks in audit Practice Manual is enough through A Audit Video Lectures provided by the Coppergate educare.

The fact that the audit is compulsory by law, in certain cases by it should show that there must be some positive utility in it. The chief utility of audit lies in reliable financial statements on the basis of which the state of affairs may be easy to understand. Apart from this obvious utility, there are other advantages to an audit. Some or all of these are of considerable value even to those enterprises and organizations where the audit is not compulsory, which you will able to grab knowledge these advantages are given below:

  1. It safeguards the financial interest of persons who are not associated with the management of the entity, whether they are partners or shareholders.
  2. It acts as a moral check on the employees from committing defalcations or embezzlement.
  3. Audited statements of account are helpful in settling liability for taxes, negotiating loans and for determining the purchase consideration for business.
  4. These are also useful for settling trade disputes for higher wages or bonus as well as claims in respect of damage suffered by property, by fire or some other calamity.
  5. An audit can also help in the detection of wastages and losses to show the different ways by which these might be checked, especially those that occur due to the absence of inadequacy of internal checks or internal control measures.

    CA Audit Video Lectures

  6. Audit ascertains whether the necessary books of account and allied records have been properly kept and helps the client in making good deficiencies or inadequacies in this respect.
  7. As an appraisal function, audit reviews the existence and operations of various controls in the organizations and reports weaknesses, inadequacies, etc., in them.
  8. Audited accounts are of great help in the settlement of accounts at the time of admission or death of the partner.
  9. A government may require audited and certified statement before it gives assistance or issues a license for a particular trade.

Before we begin about planning for Audit, we have to comprehend what really the subject is ALL about. It is the help of each individual who joins CA and even in the wake of getting to be CA, he is altogether known as an Auditor go through the experts.

So essentially it’s not simply the subject of a CA Final which we have to pass, it’s much more than that which you will get to know through CA Audit Video Lectures. You as of now have put in nearly 2– 3 years of articles doing Audit as it were.

CA Audit Video Lectures it’s just not an audit has dependably been one of my most Favorite subjects and once you additionally have a similar point of view for it, it would turn into your companion and not only a paper to go in the exam.

Coppergate Educare is one sought of standby for every individual who wants to receive the best education to achieve their dreams but is familiar to the face to face lectures can better go for this CA Audit Video Lectures. However, the institution is good with highly professional skills in every subject provides you face to face lectures for Auditing and. Our skilled professor provides their lectures through CA Audit online video lectures or CA Auditing Video lectures through pen drive USB with appropriate study material available in English and Hindi for those who find themselves difficult while doing the theory part of the Auditing. However, it will just support you to remove the fear of those students who feel this subject Difficult usually leave their education incomplete and do basic jobs to meet their needs.


  1. Auditing Standard, Statements and Guidance Notes
  2. Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution
  3. Risk Assessment and Internal Control
  4. Special aspects of auditing an Automated Environment
  5. Audit of Limited Companies
  6. Audit, Reports & certificates for Special purpose Engagement
  7. Audit Committee and Corporate Governance
  8. Audit Reports
  9. Audit of Consolidated Financial Statement
  10. Special Features of an audit of Banks, Insurance & Non-Banking Financial Companies.

CA Audit Video Lectures will be given the bundle for uncertainty clearing Coverage of all parts Includes Cumulative Revision Sessions Thought in live class covering every one of the questions/inquiries of understudies Simple and Easy to comprehend address with the blend of Hindi and English Include tips on the most proficient method to understand well in tests Includes every most recent correction. For more details visit for

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