General FAQs

General FAQs

The system should be completely optimized and should be virus free, in case your files get corrupted due to virus problem Coppergate Educare will not be responsible for any damage in software.
You can play Video Lectures on Laptop or Desktops having windows operating system Windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10).
No Win 7 Home Basic.

Your computer should also have the following minimum configuration –

  • Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz and Above
  • RAM: 2 GB

All audio and video drivers have to be installed.

Yes, you can fast forward and rewind the lectures. The specifications are mentioned in the “Product Description” Tab.

Lectures will work only in ONE SYSTEM.

If, for any reason, you change your system or format the system (system crashed, updated, changed ETC.), please inform our technical team before executing the process.

You can call our Technical team on 9920443322 between 10:00 A.M and 6:30 P.M (Mon-Sat) and send an Email to

We suggest you call our Technical team on 9920443322 between 10:00 A.M and 6:30 P.M (Mon-Sat) and send an Email to

Yes, but only selected subjects are only available for SmartPhones, and only Android Smart Phones are supported at the moment. Please check with the specifications of system requirements in the ‘Product Descriptions’ Tab or reach us by calling our Technical team on  9920443322 between 10:00 A.M and 6:30 P.M (Mon-Sat). You can also write us an email to and enquire if your SmartPhone is supported.

You cannot run these lectures on VLC Player and Windows Media Player. Lectures can only be played in the customized player, which will be provided along with the lectures.

For each subject ‘Play Time’ will be different. The Provided Video Player will auto calculate the Time Length of each video and the maximum play time allowed for the Particular Subject. Play time will be multiple of the Video Length. Time is calculated only on the Length of the video; time is not calculated if video is paused or Seek.Ex. If Video is for 1 hour and play time is 3, so total play time will be 3 Hours.

The Video Player will show the Play Time consumed versus Total Available Play Time per video.

The video Player will record playtime in increments of 1 minute of ‘Play Time’. If Student closes the video player within the recording resolution of 1 minute, the fraction of the last one minute of Play Time will not be recorded.

When Playing in fast forward mode, the Video Player measures the actual video time. So, for example, if a lecture is  played for 10 minutes, in fast forward mode,the time will be counted as 10 minutes.

If opted for Printed Notes, hard-copy of notes will reach you within 5 to 6 days(Approx).

Once the order is placed, it takes 24 Hours to confirm the order, and the downloadable link will be sent to your registered e-mail our Team during working hours (10 am to 6:30 pm).

The ebooks will be provided after the confirmation of order, will be sent to your registered e-mail by ourTeam during working hours (10 am to 6:30 pm). The Ebooks (.PDF) have basic rights for editing and are NOT PRINTABLE. We suggest you use Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Ebooks (.PDF)

You can even download free soft copies available on our website for selected subjects.Click on link

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