CA Inter EIS & SM, FM & ECO, Combo by CA Sanjay Khemka [Full Course]

CA Inter EIS & SM, FM & ECO, Combo by CA Sanjay Khemka [Full Course]


Applicable for the Attempt Nov 2020 / May 2021
Faculty Name CA Sanjay Khemka
Format Google Drive / Pendrive
Study Material Hard Copy
For Hard Copy Study Material, provide details (e.g. No. of Books, Hand Written Books, Colorful Books, Xerox Copies, No. of pages et 1 Multi Coloured Mat for EISSM Summary & Revision, 1 Mat for EISSM MCQs, 1 Mat Covering FM Problems Comprehensively
Total No. of Lectures EIS SM – Approx 43 Classes
FM & ECO – Approx 75-80 Classes
Only FM – Approx 55-60 Classes
Combo – Approx 120 Classes
Total No. of Hrs EIS SM – Approx 85 Hours
FM & ECO – Approx 160 Hours
Only FM – Approx 125 Hours
Combo – Approx 240 hours
Views Per Lecture (Opening & Closing of Videos) 1.5 Times
Times Per Lecture (Hour Based Restriction Per Lecture) NA
Video Language English/Hindi
Fast Forward Option Provided Yes
Fast Forward – if “Yes” provide details (E.g. 1.0 x, 1.2 x, 1.5x etc) FF as per student, Upto 3X
Validity (in Months OR provide date) 6 MONTHS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE
Recording EIS SM- Jan-Mar 2020       FM & ECO- June-20 Onwards
Topics Covered Entire Syllabus Covered in small student friendly style
How the Doubt clearing session will be available? E-Mail / Call / Videoconferencing
How the amendment will be provided? Email/ Additional Free Videos
Video Runs on: Computer/Laptop/Mobile Laptop
Computer/Laptop/Mobile – System Requirement Core i3 or higher, RAM 2GB or more is best suitable, Windows 7 onwards / Compatible with Android Devices
If Test Series Provided, Mention complete details NA
If Providing Charts, Mention details. NA
Dispatch (Partly OR Complete). If its partly dispatch, mention dispatch schedule EISSM – Complete, FM- 40% Immediate and Remaining in 2 Installments by 15th Aug
Demo Lectures Link (For promotions on You Tube) EISSM –
FM –
Book Images Link NA
Before Purchase Mandatory Link Comprehensive Coverage from Inst MAT alongwith Case Study discussions and Revision Sessions in a relatively short time, Specialist for RM in Eastern India

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